360º Imaging

Click/touch an image below to open a new window/tab with a working example.
(If using a mobile device, a Wi-Fi connection is recommended.)
These allow a dynamic rotational viewing experience by click-dragging/touch-swiping the image left or right within the window.
Using photography, real-world products or artifacts are photographed and processed into a rotational presentation, allowing up to 360º of viewing perspective. This is a cost-effective alternative to making 3D mesh models with textures.
Rotations of objects can be viewed directly in any website, on mobile or desktop.
Rotation of women's shoes
Women's Shoes
Two row 360º rotation that shows the top of both shoes or reveals the top of one shoe and the sole of the other. (Drag/swipe up or down to switch rows.) 72 images.
Rotation of chocolate cats
Chocolate Cats
Single row 360º rotation with added backdrop. 36 images.
Arc rotation around neon art by Lili Lakich
Blond Bombshell by Lili Lakich
Single row, arc rotation, on-location imaging. Animation effects are a natural occurance in the art. This process can preserve many dynamic qualities. 94 images.