Virtual Galleries

Exceptional environments for exhibitions of art or showcasing products.
Great viewing access, perfect light, unlimited customization, security.
Virtual spaces support flat 2D and 360ยบ panoramic viewing and tours.

All they need is your art or product.*
Image 5-1
Urban Contemporary
A virtual gallery fashioned after the spaces typical of an urban environment, such as Los Angeles.
Image 5-2
Urban Contemporary
A space such as this can showcase any flat art or sculptual art and can be seen from around the world.
Image 5-3
Urban Contemporary
Effective immersion benefits from familiar reference points, for example, an entrance door with streaming sunlight.
Image 5-4
Earth Tones
A gallery is often chosen to fit the art to be shown. A virtual gallery can be precisely tuned to compliment the art.
Image 5-5
Earth Tones
A virtual space costs a fraction of a comparable real-world space, with complete control over customization.
Image 5-6
Earth Tones
Skylights, high ceilings, windows... these and other elements can be arranged to compliment the art.
*Virtual galleries are environments for displaying artwork or products - they are not sold 'empty'.