"Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without." ~Confucius
Image The following prices are illustrative and do not cover all possible service configurations. For more information on pricing, please use the Contact Page for a personalized response to your specific needs. Rates are subject to change.


- Web-ready panorama*: $295 first; $195 each additional @ same location/date.
- Virtual gallery: starting at $495 plus embedded content and panoramas.
- Panoramic tours: panoramas cost plus quote on links and content.
- In-studio 360º Imaging (Up to 14")** Job setup: $125 plus $95 per item.
- In-studio 3D from Artifact (mesh model) (Up to 14")***: $495 - $1295.
- On-site photography day rate, first 2 hours: $295; each additional hour $95.

* The Web-ready panorama price above includes two panoramas per view, in two sizes: 12,000 pixels horizontally, ideal for websites, and 6,000 pixels horizontally, ideal for Facebook and Google. These sizes provide an excellent set of resolutions for display on desktop and mobile. Note that images captured with low-cost consumer panoramic cameras capture images under 6000 pixels horizontally. The panoramas created here are produced with Nikon DSLR equipment. The native images are very detailed, and encompass 12-14 stops of dynamic range, even without HDR processing. And, when required by circumstances, such as a window showing in the interior of a room, HDR capture and processing is utilized. This level of quality ensures the utmost in visual integrity. The price indicated is for a spherical panorama made from six images (when available - sometimes the downshot is not practical/desired/adviseable and 5 images total are used). For archival or in-house or screen-capture purposes, panoramas of higher resolution are available, though they require more capture time of more images with additional processing and are therefore priced by quotation, on a project-by-project basis. Pricing indicated is for up to 8 panoramas in an 8-hour day (this number may vary based on location circumstances - the total number of panoramas completed will depend on site access and readiness). Image processing is completed off-site and final panoramas are typically available in 48-72 hours.

The panoramas created by this service are very high resolution originals with high dynamic range. They are stitched together on a computer system, not in a mobile device, and any stitching errors are carefully eliminated. You will never see the photographer's hands or tripod. Please consider these advantages when comparing this service to other services or DIY methods.

** In-studio 360º imaging is a series of images created while the object is rotated on a turntable. A single set of images is considered one row. Multi-row rotations are possible with most subjects. The price varies due to the number of rows and the number of captures per row. The pricing indicated is for a single-row 36-image rotation. The job setup fee relates to a category of product or artifact: Shoes would be a category and there would be a setup fee for imaging a collection of shoes. Rings would be a different category and there would be a setup fee for imaging a collection of rings. Additional rows and higher image counts incur nominal additional costs by quotation. When applicable, shipping and return shipping is paid by the client. This is a photographic process and the result is a series of photographs. For 3D mesh and texture creation, see the 3D from Artifact service.

*** On-site pricing for imaging of an artifact to be made into a 3D object will require a separate quotation. Pricing varies considerably based on complexity and size of the artifact. Typically, a relatively smooth object without deep cavities would be priced in the $400 - $600 range. Complex surfaces and deep cavities, up to and including holes that 'pass through' an object, require significantly more imaging and processing. The results of this work are very accurate, however visual access to an artifact will impact completeness of the 3D object (i.e. if some areas are hidden and not visible for photographic imaging they cannot be included in the final object - this tends to be more of an issue with large on-site subject matter). Clear and mirror-like reflective artifacts cannot be scanned using the photogrammetry methods employed here.

What services are included in the price?

The prices above include image making and image processing and delivery. Every project has unique requirements, but in general, except perhaps for the virtual galleries, there is a photography stage, followed by an image processing stage, and then a delivery stage. Much of the necessary work is done during the image processing stage, which constitutes the 'behind the scenes' aspect of a project. The pricing shown above includes basic image processing after photography, although specific requests for extensive retouching are a separate fee. The high quality panoramas and 3D models from artifacts created by this service receive extensive image processing, which should be taken into account when evaluating cost and value. Virtual galleries are 3D environments in the computer. Pricing for their use requires a quotation for 2D art or 3D model placement, as they are not sold 'empty'; client-created content may be accepted for inclusion in virtual galleries, or content image development can be quoted as a concurrent component of virtual gallery projects. Electronic project delivery is used with all services, typically via Dropbox. For a nominal fee, CD/DVD delivery is available.

What are you buying?

The deliverables produced by this service will include licensing for their contracted use. There are no monthly fees or subscriptions for access to panoramas, panoramic tours or images. 3D models may require hosting to support interactive viewing using a 3rd party service such as Sketchfab (free and pay options are available), but this is a technical consideration, not a licensing consideration; 3D models may also be placed and used within other 3D environments, such as a virtual gallery. Additional use of the deliverables beyond the original contractual specifications may require a separate licensing contract and fee. Images created by this service are not licensed for distribution through stock photo agencies.


Travel is included for a 30 mile radius (approximate) from 91326. This includes:

Los Angeles (north of downtown)
Santa Monica
San Fernando Valley
Thousand Oaks
Simi Valley

Travel to other locations is available and the travel rate is quoted on a project-by-project basis. Every reasonable attempt will be made to schedule work in such a way that the on-site time is optimized regarding first hour/additional hour and first panorama/additional panorama pricing.

Last minute transportation issues that cannot be anticipated may require schedule adjustments. If the available time slot is extremely critical, early arrival arrangements can be provided and would be described in a separate quotation.

Rates are subject to change. Only the rate documented at the time of contract acceptance by both parties is considered binding.
Deposits and Cancellations

Depending on project size, the deposit is generally 50%, due two weeks in advance of project commencement, and is refundable with 48 hours notice of cancellation before the project start date and time. (Note: If the project requires additional 3rd party services, those charges are payable in full, in advance, and may, or may not, be refundable, subject to the terms of those 3rd party providers.) If a project needs to be rescheduled, and 48 hours notice is given, there is no charge for the first instance of such an event (please see the exception noted above for 3rd party services).

It is possible that illness will prevent starting a project at the scheduled date and time. Such an occurrence will not be considered a cancellation, and a new project schedule will be drafted at the earliest appropriate time without changes in the agreed upon pricing. If the available time slot is extremely critical, backup arrangements for time-specific guaranteed completion can be provided and would be described in a separate quotation.
How are payments made?

Retainers, purchase orders and other processing methods may require extended lead time before project inception. Please plan accordingly.

Final payments are due upon project delivery. Payments can be made via check or through PayPal. This site provides a payment link, which leads to a secure PayPal portal.

If a refund is issued, it will be issued in the same form as received. Refunds are issued after a 30-day clearing period from the original payment.
Are some projects billed hourly?

Some projects are ongoing with requirements and outcomes that may not be clearly delineated. In those circumstances, hourly billing will be proposed, with an hourly rate and retainer amount to be determined.

For photography work the images are delivered in the specified target format and size (e.g. TIFF, JPEG, HTML). Unless the project is a 'works for hire' arrangement, RAW images are not delivered; these are unsuitable in their native form for direct output.

For individual panoramas and panoramic tours, the output is a collection of files in a precise arrangement for presentation on a website. These files must remain together as a set to function correctly and are delivered with the required organization. Additional tours using the original photographs, but with different navigation and added content, are available for separate service fees. Please note that panorama and panoramic tour modifications require specialized software that is not provided.

For 3D artwork, the final model with applied texture is delivered in the specified format (e.g. OBJ, DAE, JPG, PNG) and polygon count. The individual images used to build the model and texture are not delivered. Please note that 3D model modification and viewing requires specialized software that is not provided.

For virtual galleries, final images with embedded artwork or products are delivered as still images, or as panoramas, or as panoramic tours. The environment models and textures used to create the virtual galleries themselves are not delivered and 'empty' rendered virtual spaces are not sold.

This service does not assume responsibility for long-term preservation of client deliverables; therefore the client is expected to use suitable methods for backup and archival preservation.

Client artwork and artifacts retain all of their original copyrights. The client may submit artwork images with watermarks for embedded content in tours and galleries if this is preferred.

Unless otherwise arranged, the copyright for all imaging performed by this service (whether it is still, panoramic, or moving), and for all audio, provided by this service, remains with this service. As the client, you are purchasing service and licensing, not copyright. If you wish to hold the copyright in a 'works for hire' arrangement, this must be arranged in advance.

Normally, any production of this service may be selected to appear in portfolio and promotional materials for this service. However, a client request not to exhibit their images produced by this service will be honored if requested.

It is expected that the client holds all necessary copyright permissions and licensing for any materials supplied to this service for inclusion in a production. Copyright research is not performed. However, if there are questions of copyright ownership, such materials may not be accepted. In particular, images, text, music and video taken from the Web are considered to be copyright protected and will not be accepted unless reliable indication of permission is formally presented.