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Image Below is a list of services. Productions can be formatted for desktop, mobile and virtual reality. See the Pricing Page for costs. Use the Q&A Page for general information, or use the Contact Page for specific questions.

Services Descriptions

Panoramic Tours are panoramas that have been linked to each other so that the visitor can move from location to location. These tours can contain embedded content activated by touch/mouse-click. This makes it possible to add additional information within a tour. Panoramic tours are easily viewed on desktop, mobile and VR headset. They can be presented stand-alone or added to a website. Individual panoramas can be shown in select social media.

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Panoramic Tours

3D Models from Artifacts are created from a series of photographs taken from around an object at all possible angles. The final result is a polygon model with a texture. This service provides a high resolution and color accurate result. The object can be small to large. The only requirement is good viewing access during imaging. The final models can be viewed interactively in 3D model viewing software. The models can also be used in virtual galleries as content. If this level of functionality is not required, see '360º Imaging' below for a similarly dynamic and cost-effective alternative.

360º Imaging is created from a series of photographs taken while an object is rotated on a turntable. The images are combined to produce a short video clip that spins the object by dragging a mouse or swiping left and right.

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360º Imaging

Virtual Galleries for art and products are photorealistic galleries built in the computer. Into these galleries, 2D flat art, or 3D models of objects, can be placed for the accurate simulation of an exhibition. The virtual gallery provides access to any form of environmental space without the need or expense of securing a real-world location.

This service has a variety of pre-made three-dimensional environments that are ‘rented out’. Aesthetic customizations are available. If you wish to present flat art, the art is placed on the walls with appropriate lighting. If your item is three-dimensional, it is placed and lit to optimize its form and character.

The goal is to present your art or product as though in the real world, especially when a real world display would be difficult, expensive or impossible. The effect is very compelling when a panorama is made from within the gallery. Multiple panoramas can be combined into a tour. The best part is that your exhibition continues with only the Web-hosting costs you already pay for a website, and for as long as you desire. There is never a 'next show' pushing you out.

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Virtual Galleries

Collection Photography is the imaging of art or artifact collections, often for formal presentation, remembrance and archival purposes. Color balance, depth-of-field, and resolution of detail are paramount.

This imaging can be produced for accurate and detailed reproduction, while including aesthetically pleasing lighting and composition. You will be ensured of the ideal images, suited to your long-term needs and desires. It may not be practical to keep actual art and artifacts on hand for direct viewing, but with high quality digital access, most presentation needs can be met with a minimum of effort or disruption.

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Collection Photography


Who are the clients?

Museums, gallery owners, artists, restaurants, collectors, parks, and any entity looking to draw in a captivated audience. These are some notable entities and individuals who are represented in the portfolio of this service:

  • The Huntington
  • Lili Lakich Gallery & Studio
  • The Animal Museum
  • Rafael Perea
  • El Presidio State Historic Park
  • Barclays Coffee